Event Marketing and Management

Event Marketing and Management seeks to serve the Moody community, attendees, and guests by facilitating successful and strategic events, providing a welcoming campus environment, and equipping a global audience with the truth of God’s Word.

Benefits of EMM involvement


  • Provides expertise on space usage, event procedures, and best practices
  • Ensures pertinent service providers are aware and assisting with your event
  • Researches requested dates to avoid any conflicting events
  • Adds your event to the internal event calendar to avoid incoming events that may conflict
  • Establishes the ID process for your event to allow your guests to navigate our campus
  • Communicates your event details with all campus desks to ensure your guests are well served


Areas of Oversight


  • Event ushers
  • Moody Conferences
  • Moody Gear
  • On-campus logistics
  • Outside event contracting 

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